Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yuna Rose Sweet Deco~ Molang Style

So, I contacted a wonderful cutie shop, Yuna Rose to do a custom phone case for me with a molang theme~
I found her on tumblr and started thumbing through her gallery and I was so impressed with her work and the detail put into it!As soon as I saw a previous molang styled case, I messaged her and with super quick responses and a friendly face behind the scenes, I had my case to order in no time at all!
I even was contacted with an update on my order when it was almost done, like it was wonderful and I knew that my case was in great hands!
My case came in so quickly and wonderfully wrapped, it even came in with yummy candy and a cute note!
So, let me spam you with pictures of my phone case~ [Molang earbud duster, not included]

[The front of the case is beautifully detailed with pearls, rhinestones and whipped cream]
 The back of the case is just pure magic, and so well done!
 Everything is nice and neat, no glue to be seen, no pieces that look or feel loose, and no threads of whipped cream coming up! Also, nothing is blocked by the deco even small little buttons~

 And, the case isn't too awkward to hold either!
 [still able to camerawhore!]
The case itself is very sturdy, and isn't that hard to put on! Though, like with most sweet deco, the whipped cream can get dusty, but it's easily cleaned with a damp cloth!
OH! And the best part is that if she can find a case for your phone, it can be decorated<3<3<3

 I'm super duper happy with my new case, and it's so photogenic!

And~ as a bonus, she gifted me a discount code for her store YunaRose

If you enter in 'carisseiris' it will give you 10% off all ready to ship cases, and if you enter 'carisse' it will get you 5% off your order<3


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Etude House 'Entoinette Collection'~ Review

So, I splurged and bought a big chunk of the Entoinette collection by Etude House after falling in love with the lipstick~ 
The pieces are so pretty and pink and match my room, which was a big deciding factor!
The collection consists of blushes, highlighters, brush sets, lipsticks, polishes and other wonderful whimsical things and are so very feminine and cutesy.
Not even opening them I was enamored by the wonderful boxing! I still can't bring myself to throw out the packaging..
 The first item I opened was my blooming flower blush brush.
The hair on the brush isn't very soft compared to my other professional brushes which makes me kind of sad. Also the shape is inconvenient and makes even application kind of difficult..
But it's cute at least? Eh, the cuteness don't make up for the mediocre quality of it...
Regardless, I will play around with it but I don't think I would recommend it for anyone.

 The next product I opened up was the highlight, which is half pink shimmer and half gold shimmer which is a very lovely mix! The heart shaped powder is adorable and comes in it's own packaging to keep it's shape before transferring into the wonderful container~
 The highlighter also comes with a powder puff, which isn't a great tool for applying highlight, at least for me but it's a cute little touch.
My only issue with the highlight in the heart shapes is that it's a smidge annoying to get product onto my brush or the puff, I close the lid and shake it to kind of break the heart a bit then gather the dust on the tool I'm using to apply.
But otherwise the colour is pretty and makes a wonderful highlight.
I also bought the cute blush in the pink tone. It also comes in 10 pieces like the highlight and has 3 shades of pink.
Just like the highlight it comes with a puff and has the same awkwardly uneven pickup as the highlight as also has to be shaken to break up the product a bit.
But after that it does apply beautifully and has a sheen of shimmer, with almost a cool quality to it.

 The other powder I picked up was the crystal powder. It says it's to be applied at the end of application as a face powder. I assumed that it would be a translucent powder so I was excited.
But alas, it's a full on shimmer and glitter!
Basically like a highlighter but less fine, I did apply it above my lips, on my forehead and cheek bones and it looks nice but it's something I'll save for going out at night or a super fancy occasion I would more feel comfortable resembling a sparkling vampire...;;;
But the lace puff inside is super classy though!

Finally, my favourite part of the collection which I have no complaints about, the lipstick.
 The lipstick is wonderful, and smooth and moisturizing and lasts a decent amount of tim. It's not super opaque but give a good colour payoff that in roughly 3 runs over my lips it gives full coverage.
I even bought doubles so that I won't run out, hehe...
I got them in the 2 special colours for the collection.

 I used all of the products in my makeup for the day, and it does give a very pretty princess kind of look.

I mean, besides the brush... The collection is worth it overall because the packaging is very unique and pretty.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I've been shopping like a mad woman....

Okay, ah~ I feel like I've been neglecting blogging... I've been just slightly busy and having fun with friends and focusing on my part time job [which recently ended]...
So I kind of realized that I never posted about some goods I've been accumulating and I might review this month and what not;;
Gosh, time flies when your having fun... And since instagram is so easily available to do outfit posts/post daily snippets, it never seems to make it onto here. Darn social media....
I swear I will do a huge entry on my ootd's and stuff too~
I have a list of 'to do' things[blog wise] and I just haven't even dented it;; I'm so bad....
Anywho, on to my recent purchases...

 I ended up grabbing a lot of Etude House goods like above:
Etude House Skin Malgem Smoother [toner]
Etude House Skin Malgem Essential [essence]
Etude House Pore Wonder Foam [cleanser]
Etude House Anti-Aging BB cream in 'Natural Beige #2'
Etude House Princess Etoinette lipstick in 'PPK002'

Etude House Cookie blusher in 'Rose Sugar'
Etude House BB Magic Pact in 'Natural Beige #2'
K Palette Liquid Liner [my all time fave liner, but in a new cuter packaging]
Etude House Surprise Concealer for blemish spot coverage
Etude House My Darling Compact in 'Natural Beige #2'

I also have another package coming in with more wonderfulness but I'll be talking about it when it comes in and with much better pictures than these;;

I also went a bit crazy with skin and health care stuff too~

 I have more My Beauty Diary face masks in Strawberry Yogurt, Earl Grey and Macaroon, and Royal Jelly.
On top of that I bought some Skin food Black Sugar Fizzer, and Royal Honey Night Cream~
THEN took the big step investment into 16oz of Monkey Picked Oolong from Teavana....  [I'm hoping the high price for tea was worth it.]
 I've also been using new lashes and bottom lashes;
DecoLash in Play Cute and Play Sexy top lashes and Dolly Wink's #13 bottom lashes~
Not to mention, a new scent which is Dolce &Gabbana, Pour Femme, which is absolutely amazing!

 I also think in a 'what's in my closet' post I did this winter I had a fuzzy top that was 'Snidel' and it was obviously a Liz Lisa knock off that I didn't really like... Well, I actually had a store tell me they had a real Liz Lisa top come in and I went to check it out and it was the original version I wanted and didn't get. And it is absolutely wonderful and warm and fits like a dream!

It's my current favourite top this month<3
I also purchased a cute faux fur collar with lace trim to enhance my outfits and to change things up~
 On top of it, I bought these cute pink fur booties with bows on them, they're so comfy and way too cute to be real! Such a happy buy for me~
And last but not least, I got myself a new goal outfit.... This time I want to go down 25 more lbs and reach 120 lbs~ This should be my final goal outfit and roughly a size 2... I'm kind of excited about it and it's really pretty!

That's about all I have... I need to bring out my dslr out more with my friends... And I'll try to be on top of blogging again. I feel like I have to apologize about it because I really do love blogging but sometimes I just let things get pushed back....

Seriously though, is there anything that I should review, I feel like I have too many things on my plate and yet not enough at the same time... Maybe some direction needs to be taken~~

Ah, yeah!