Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012

Happy New Year my darlings!
I'm so excited because this coming year I'll be having an even more exciting adventure, my friends are graduating, and I'll be another step closer to starting my own business!

Seriously, my life is pretty good at the moment.

I have resolutions like;
Lose the last 20 lbs
Stop cursing
Stop procrastinating
Keep my room tidy 24/7 [unlike 4/7 days a week]

Besides that, I hope every one has an amazing and safe new year. I wish you all the best and I hope this year will be more amazing than the last!


Oh yes, PARIS!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Tattoos

I just want to tell you a little about each one and I'll do so from first to last.

My first one was this music note with wings and I got it just after I turned 18. How that came about was on the day before Christmas or something, my friend broke up with her on again off again boyfriend for the last time and was going crazy sobbing and called me when I was in the shower and I remember rushing over and not even conditioning my hair and she wanted to get a tattoo and I had that one in mind but never had the nerve to get it done so we decided to just go and do it...
Now, I really regret it, not only is it botched up but it's pretty gaudy for my tastes and I am reminded of that friend and her drama and it's just not fun, so my mum is going to pay for it's removal when I'm completed with my schooling.

My second one is my 'tramp stamp'. I was rebelling and just wanted to do something crazy and on my own, so I picked it out of their booklet and got it done right before heading to one of my friend's birthday celebration. I also find it quite ironic because I'm not the "type" people "expect" to have a lower back tattoo and it surprises people. On a side note, I still need to get the stars filled in pink.

My next one is a star I got done on the Hollywood strip when my cousin from out of state wanted to get his first tattoo. He was scared and nervous so I told him I would get one first and he could see how it was done and to help calm him down. I think I was too calm or something because he ended up getting a full sleeve which took 15 hours. Not to mention, he didn't tell his mom and she almost kicked him out of the house. Fun times...

I got my rib cage one with a friend, who decided after I showed her my tattoo design wanted to get one that would be a 'buddy' tattoo, and so I designed her a lock for her to get done. I love how this tattoo looks and the detailing on the key is amazing to look at. By the way, it's the Nana 707 key because I'll always have a place for my friends in my heart and in my home.

I then got a tattoo saying 'I'll jump into the river', inspired by the Laura Marling song, 'Alas, I cannot swim'. It'll always remind me to just go out and to chase after my dreams. The tattoo artist even let my friend tattoo a star onto me.

I ended up getting a finger tattoo 2 years ago, it used to be hot pink and look like my inner elbow star tattoo but It faded dramatically. I got it was an ex friend but I have no regrets about it surprisingly. I think it symbolizes my strength to overcome anything life will throw at me even those who try to destroy me. Even the fading symbolizes something, that even stains on my skin, like those on my heart can eventually fade and I can forgive and move on.

After that, I ended up getting another tattoo of a feather, which like most of my tattoo's I drew and designed. It's one of my favorites even though it has no symbolism or meaning or even anything special about it. I just find it beautiful and I'm proud of my design and the tattoo artist's work is just amazing!

My latest one is quite new, my grandma died recently a few days after her 99th birthday. That day she kept singing 'Forever Young' whenever someone asked her her age. When she died she was cremated and it struck a chord with me. So I got 'Forever young' on my permanently and a Phoenix symbolizing the ashes.

Now, I already have my next tattoo planned and it looks something like this:

It's the crest of sincerity from 'Digimon' and peach blossoms, which are my favorite flower. I think I'm going to add in the flower Roxanne from 'A Goofy Movie' wears in the opening scene into the design.
My reasoning behind the 'Crest of Sincerity' is that I randomly watched the ending of Season 2 of Digimon and Mimi, the character, ended up having a cooking show and from what I remember was a singer at one point in her life. I also remember liking that even though she was a bit selfish and vain, she was still the holder of 'Sincerity' and was a great friend. I found that crazy because I was/am a singer and I will be going to Le Cordon Bleu in a few months and it just strikes me as uncanny that my path in life is similar.
I want to add the flower Roxanne has because I really love that movie and her character. Not to mention I've always wanted a Disney related tattoo but never anything too obvious, so it's a perfect choice to create a tattoo inspired by two women who influenced me in my youth.



Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Hugs, kisses and giggles from me and my Meeko.

<3Carisse Iris

Jumily #4 lash Review

I really wanted to try Jumily lashes because the brand's spokes model is Maichi, one of my favorite gal inspirations. I love false lashes, and I've tried many brands and my past favorites came from Dolly Wink brand, #1 Sweet Dolly.

So, I want to compare and contrast the Jumily #4 lashes to 2 pairs I have been using and love.

Above, are the Jumily #4 lashes.
On the lower left, I have Diamond Lash #2, Fairy Eye and on the lower right, Dolly Wink #1, Dolly Sweet.

In comparison, the Jumily's are more tapered in with a more defined wing with volume in the center and outer edges. As you can see, they are more exaggerated than the lower pairs but appear less thick.

Now, onto the quality, from the above you can quickly tell the Dolly Winks are more hair like and super long and wispy. I love them for that fact. Because they're so long, it's quite obvious they're fake but the texture is so soft and the band so thin that it's like you're not wearing lashes. [I do have issues because of the super thin band that it doesn't like to stay down on my inner corner and the lashes are quite delicate and if tugged too hard may fall off]

The Diamond lashes feel quite cheap and are plastic but they look very nice on my eye and are very affordable. They are one of those pairs that look great for the price and are just a nice pair to have... The band is thicker, and is nice and sturdy and I can use a pair for a month if I wear them every day. The only issue is that they feel very very fake.

Now, the Jumily feels soft, not as much as the Dolly wink ones, but soft none the less. There's a thin band, but I haven't had any issues with them sticking up, and the lashes are nice and sturdy. I really do love the lashes as a whole because they have the best attributes of all my previous lashes.

Here's a few more comparison pictures...
Now, onto how they look on me.

Without lashes, or makeup.

Dolly Wink on the Left and Diamond Lash on the Right

Jumily Lashes.

Up close, I love how they look so much thicker and fuller after applied.

To sum it all up, I think Jumily lashes are by far my new favorite brand. You can take what you want from the review, but I by far prefer the look and the feel of Jumily lashes.

<3Carisse Iris

Friday, December 23, 2011

Live filming and a Delicious Detour.

So, yesterday, after a long evening of dying my friend's hair, we woke up to the air of excitement. After a slight birthday fiasco, we ended up getting priority tickets for a live taping of 'Melissa and Joey', and ABC family sitcom starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence, stars my friends and I grew up with.

We set off for Hollywood watching with rapt attention their filming of their final wrap of the season. I would have loved to sneak in some photos but cameras and cell phones aren't allowed onto the lot.
It show was extremely funny and highlighted the amazing comedic talents of the cast, I hope they get picked up for another season.
In the end we got to meet both Melissa and Joey and spotted the youngest Lawrence brother off set. It really was an amazing experience and we accomplished a goal we set in our youth.

After the taping, we decided to treat ourselves and to pass by the City of Commerce and swing by 'Cool Haus', which originally started as a highly successful food truck and has expanded to having an actual sit down parlor.

They serve unique customized ice cream sandwiches and other similar goods.
Some flavors they had the other night were;
Beer & Pretzel
Brown butter and Candied Bacon
Spiked Eggnog
Balsamic Fig Mascarpone
and others...
Even things like potato chip cookies..

I ended up ordering Sweet potato and Marshmallow ice cream with snickerdoodle cookies..

Seriously, it was amazing.. I wouldn't mind the 20+ minute drive there.

If you're interested, here's there site.

Yum yum yum...

<3Carisse Iris

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Dinner with my friends

Yum, okinomiyaki and takoyaki at Gaja Moc tonight followed by wine and pie at my house.
We all had a great time catching up and just hanging out, not to mention playing Disney Universe.

Just so you know, I think my mugs were a great hit with my friends!

Also, I got a cute plate with a quote about friendship that was quite endearing aaand...

My friend made me these gingerbread cookies.

So cute and nummy...

I really had a great night tonight. I missed seeing my friends and I wish the night could keep going on forever.

Today's outfit:

Gosh, I need to learn how to take better pictures. Well, I hope I get better as I blog, cause I look kind of angry. 0.0;

<3Carisse Iris

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas gifting DIY mugs

Ooh la la, I'm low on the flow so I needed some way to gift everyone on a low price range.

SO, I decided to make mustache mugs. If anyone knows me, I am obsessed with faux mustaches and the like. Thus, it occurred to me to gift unique gifts that'll remind my friends of me while they drink a lovely cup of cocoa!

[Oooh, idea! I might make mini servings of hot cocoa in a baggy for everyone! Even though I made hot cocoa on a stick last year...]

Might as well tell you how to make these lovely mugs!

Items you will need:
Mug- I bought mine at dollar tree for, yes you guessed it, $1! [I bought 10 in total]
Porcelain Pen- Which can be found at Michaels or any craft store for $5, with tax.
Paper, scissors and tape [for making and pasting you're stencil of a mustache]

1. Wash and dry you're mugs
2. Draw or print out a mustache and cut it out.
3. Tape you're stencil onto the mug.
4. Shake the pen well and colour within you're stencil.
5. Remove the stencil and fill in and fix up you're mustache. [Don't worry, if you mess up you can wipe any smears with a paper towel or a finger...]
6. Wait 24 hours for the paint stuff to dry.
7. Follow the instructions on the pen and bake you're mugs to make it wash proof.

AND VOILA! You have a mustache mug!

My total for 10 awesome gifts was $15!

[If you add the bags I bought at Dollar Tree, the total is $21!]

Hope you found this interesting and inspiring!

<3Carisse Iris

Sweet Eye Brown Vassen- Circle Lens Review

So, my order from Pinky Paradise came in, thank goodness for the free Christmas shipping. I ordered 4 lenses, 3 for Christmas presents for a few of my friends.
[Note; then gave me awfully pretty pastel contact cases for once and I have to give them away.]

I also got another pair of the Jumily #4 lashes, which I absolutely adore and also purchased a set of the Jumily #5 bottom lashes which will be my first time trying, so I'm quite excited. [I'll do a review eventually

This is what the design looks like.
I think it's absolutely lovely and natural. I've been craving for a pair that has dots near the center and I found some I adore!

Now, on to what they look like on me.

Lovely right? The only issue I have is that they're darker than my actual eye colour and more green[ish] than I would like because my eyes have a very red tone so it looks a bit dull around the edges to me.

Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

Now, I think this pair is in my top 3 favorites but I don't love them as much as my Jewel Brown lenses though. On it's own, it's gorgeous and very enlarging. I really do love how naturally it blends into my iris, besides the slight colour difference from my natural eye, it's seamless. I have no issues with it sliding around and it is extremely comfortable. I would recommend this pair for anyone looking for a very subtle brown lens.

5/5 rating.

<3Carisse Iris