Friday, October 5, 2012

Cute Bows Galore!!!! [Sponsored]

 A lovely shop called bowkuma made themselves known to me and I couldn't be more excited!
They specialize in cute accessories like Mickey or sweets earrings and rings, to amazingly stylish animal ear headbands to their vast assortment of sweet bows~
I was able to pick out 3 things to review and I picked from their collection of bows, because a girl can't have too many bows!
The package came really quickly too which is always a plus..
[and I got a Sentimental Circus sticker!!!!!!!!!!!! Like, I flipped out...]

 I received my set of 3 standard size pastel bows, large bee bow [the size of an american apparel bow] and 2 petite drippy bows~
Each bow has an alligator clip in the back that is very sturdy and doesn't deem like it will come off and the bows themselves are made of great material!!

I was really upset at myself for not finding them before I started buying my bow collection at American Apparel, not only are AA's boys more expensive but over the past 4 months they've all fallen off their clips and I've had to re-glue them and some of them in store had icky stuff on the back of them...

Not these bow! Not only are they affordable but they're SUCH good quality and they are all so well made and come in unique designs like, with eyeballs or blood splatters or very sweet prints [reminiscent of lolita dresses]~

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad to show them off and wear them!
 Here's my favorite to wear as a pop of colour in my hair, over the past 2 days I've gotten a lot of compliments on this bow~ Probably because not a lot of people have seen a bow with drippy frosting on it!
 I love this one too, it's more subtle but the glitter on it is soo beautiful~ and it doesn't turn my hair all glittery either<3

 The pastel bows are so pretty and just perfect. They're the perfect shade of pastel and go with almost all my outfits! It's a perfect staple~
 Okay, I just really wanted this bow cause it reminded me of Winnie the Pooh and was to precious to pass up! The bees are so wonderful! I've never seen a pattern like it and, ugh, it's too cute!

 Here's a more detailed picture of the drip and bee bow<3

Also, Monsieur Alpaca and Mr. Shumon like the bows too!
I'm glad to tell you all that Bowkuma has given me a discount code for you to use!
If you enter in 'Carisse' you get 10% off orders over $5 before shipping~

I am so glad to bring you another lovely shop and a good discount!
Have fun shopping!


  1. Omaigod! Reasonably priced world's cutest Bows.

  2. Wayyyyyy cute. Definitely need to get some!

  3. Aah! The bow with the frosting is simply genius. So cute <3

  4. Hello!! How are the material do you use in the bows >_< (Sorry for my english)