Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I've been shopping like a mad woman....

Okay, ah~ I feel like I've been neglecting blogging... I've been just slightly busy and having fun with friends and focusing on my part time job [which recently ended]...
So I kind of realized that I never posted about some goods I've been accumulating and I might review this month and what not;;
Gosh, time flies when your having fun... And since instagram is so easily available to do outfit posts/post daily snippets, it never seems to make it onto here. Darn social media....
I swear I will do a huge entry on my ootd's and stuff too~
I have a list of 'to do' things[blog wise] and I just haven't even dented it;; I'm so bad....
Anywho, on to my recent purchases...

 I ended up grabbing a lot of Etude House goods like above:
Etude House Skin Malgem Smoother [toner]
Etude House Skin Malgem Essential [essence]
Etude House Pore Wonder Foam [cleanser]
Etude House Anti-Aging BB cream in 'Natural Beige #2'
Etude House Princess Etoinette lipstick in 'PPK002'

Etude House Cookie blusher in 'Rose Sugar'
Etude House BB Magic Pact in 'Natural Beige #2'
K Palette Liquid Liner [my all time fave liner, but in a new cuter packaging]
Etude House Surprise Concealer for blemish spot coverage
Etude House My Darling Compact in 'Natural Beige #2'

I also have another package coming in with more wonderfulness but I'll be talking about it when it comes in and with much better pictures than these;;

I also went a bit crazy with skin and health care stuff too~

 I have more My Beauty Diary face masks in Strawberry Yogurt, Earl Grey and Macaroon, and Royal Jelly.
On top of that I bought some Skin food Black Sugar Fizzer, and Royal Honey Night Cream~
THEN took the big step investment into 16oz of Monkey Picked Oolong from Teavana....  [I'm hoping the high price for tea was worth it.]
 I've also been using new lashes and bottom lashes;
DecoLash in Play Cute and Play Sexy top lashes and Dolly Wink's #13 bottom lashes~
Not to mention, a new scent which is Dolce &Gabbana, Pour Femme, which is absolutely amazing!

 I also think in a 'what's in my closet' post I did this winter I had a fuzzy top that was 'Snidel' and it was obviously a Liz Lisa knock off that I didn't really like... Well, I actually had a store tell me they had a real Liz Lisa top come in and I went to check it out and it was the original version I wanted and didn't get. And it is absolutely wonderful and warm and fits like a dream!

It's my current favourite top this month<3
I also purchased a cute faux fur collar with lace trim to enhance my outfits and to change things up~
 On top of it, I bought these cute pink fur booties with bows on them, they're so comfy and way too cute to be real! Such a happy buy for me~
And last but not least, I got myself a new goal outfit.... This time I want to go down 25 more lbs and reach 120 lbs~ This should be my final goal outfit and roughly a size 2... I'm kind of excited about it and it's really pretty!

That's about all I have... I need to bring out my dslr out more with my friends... And I'll try to be on top of blogging again. I feel like I have to apologize about it because I really do love blogging but sometimes I just let things get pushed back....

Seriously though, is there anything that I should review, I feel like I have too many things on my plate and yet not enough at the same time... Maybe some direction needs to be taken~~

Ah, yeah!



  1. OMG i love those fuzzy & furry ensemble! they're so cute! *_* i wished that i could do a huge haul like you *__* love your style btw! ^^

  2. Your goal dress is adorable!!! I also wanted to ask if you've recieved your lucky pack from Maruq yet? I also ordered from them but have yet to received my pack and I've emailed them twice about it and no response T_T Hope yours comes in soon though! I wanna see what's inside kekeke

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  4. I'm also losing weight too ^_^ please check out my blog :)http://babychocolatstars.blogspot.com/2013/01/being-overweight.html