Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Palette #2 and Pencil Review

 Excitedly I ran across the latest Dolly Wink products and happily found the 2 products I've been eyeing in stock!
So happily I paid the slightly overpriced price that one pays in a more touristy shop left a happy camper~
 Or course I would be talking about the newer eyeshaddow palette in Pink Brown #2 and Nude eye pencil<3
Of course with Dolly Wink, the packaging is cute and compact. Like it's sister, #1 Palette, it may look like not much product but it is slightly deceptive [I've been using my #1 palette constantly for little over a year and I still have more product to go!]

The #2 Pink Brown set has a light pink glitter shadow, vanilla/gold shimmer shadow, bronze shimmer shadow and chocolate shimmer shadow and sponge applicator.
 The nude eye pencil comes with  a cute flower pattern and flower shaped cap that isn't too oddly shaped and fits nicely into my pencil organizer and bag~

I used all the products for a cute pink look above~ It looks nice from afar...
but, up close is a different story...
I did use my Urban Decay primer potion so that I can get the most colour pay off but sadly the eyeshadow doesn't blend but blends off... What I could keep on my lid creased instantly or smudged where it shouldn't smudge...
It was so dissapointing, and I even had a hard time patting the colour onto my lid. It actually applied more pigmented with the sponge [patting it on] rather than me using my brushes because my brushes just brushed my shadow off my eyes...
Out of them all, the pink was the worst of the batch going on after a few applications a pretty rose colour but then creasing and once I tried blending it, it disappeared or left blotches of glitter in places I didn't want them...
I tried as best as I could, and jeez louise you would think I could make it work, I'm a makeup artist for goodness sake but it was too much work to be worth it for me...
I cheated with the swatches though... I used primer and patted as much product as I could to show the colour, probably 4 times going over it.
Also the texture isn't smooth at all, it felt slightly grainy to me...
For comparison, without primer, I swatched the Dolly Wink #1 that I got before the new re-release [I'm not sure if they have a new formula now] and I just did one slide on the palette and onto my hand and it was as smooth as a butterfly's wing seriously that texture and the pigment is amazing!
What happened!
The Pink Brown #2 is NOTHING like that, which makes me so sad.
[Especially for the price]
 The nude pencil is more of a gold glitter than a true nude pencil. It isn't smooth and if you want to layer or even colour on top is removes itself then just slides around. The application isn't even and I put it on my water line and almost 5 minutes later, it was gone from my eyes.
The Pa white liner that's like a hugge chunk cheaper does a much better job and lasts for a lot longer and applies smother than this which was so expensive!
 I really trust Dolly Wink because usually the products, though pricey, are usually great quality and I can get a lot of use from, but this time it wasn't...
And especially not worth the price which for Asian cosmetics are pretty high!
I love my #1 Palette that I got almost 2 years ago but this time around I'm so disappointed!

On another note I did buy new lower lashes, Dolly Wink bottom lashes which I absolutely adore, they're the #6 Baby Cute~ and they are noticeably fake but I really love the look it gives me.

 I wish I could have talked amazingly about the palette, I wanted it for so long and the packagin is amazing and usually love the brand, but gosh~ Did they change their formula?

I'm so sad, and I feel like I wasted a big chunk of money on them...



  1. Eee, thanks for the review!

    It's a shame they didn't work out - I've been eyeing this palette, but I'm thinking second thoughts now. ;n;

    1. Of course, my pleasure<3
      I know, I'm so sad too!
      It looks so pretty in the promo pictures~

  2. Well, that's a disappointment. I usually hear such good things about the dolly wink brand. Love your lower lashes. So very noticeable and dolly!


    1. Yeah :/
      I love Dolly Wink so it really bummed me out!
      Thank you so much!
      I tried them a few years ago and didn't like them but now I'm obsessed with them!

  3. Still the lashes from dollywink always look cute, fake looking or blending in ones.
    I haven't bought eyeshadow from the brand before, and this makes me not want to.

    1. I think their lashes are always top, I've had other pricey lashes but I always go back to Dolly Wink they really are durable~
      Yeah~ I want to rebuy the #1 and see if the formula is the same but I'm kind of unsure because I don't want to waste more money if they changes all the shadows to be like the one I just got...
      Like, I feel like it's unfair for me to say the brand in general is lacking because the one I got a before the redesign was amazing...


  4. Your hair is so pretty! I really like the touch of blonde on your bangs!

    1. Thank you so much!
      Haha, I did it on impulse, my hair colour is so boring too me but I'm trying to get it healthy before doing something crazy to it :3

  5. Oh my goodness I wanted this shadow palette so bad. It sucks it doesn't work very well :( The colors are really pretty if they stayed and were pigmented. Thanks for the review!

    1. Right!? SIGH!!!
      You are welcome~ hopefully they change the formula back to the previous one~~

  6. Wow. these looks heavenly. This is great work. Thanks for posting this. People are gonna love it.