Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Tattoos

I just want to tell you a little about each one and I'll do so from first to last.

My first one was this music note with wings and I got it just after I turned 18. How that came about was on the day before Christmas or something, my friend broke up with her on again off again boyfriend for the last time and was going crazy sobbing and called me when I was in the shower and I remember rushing over and not even conditioning my hair and she wanted to get a tattoo and I had that one in mind but never had the nerve to get it done so we decided to just go and do it...
Now, I really regret it, not only is it botched up but it's pretty gaudy for my tastes and I am reminded of that friend and her drama and it's just not fun, so my mum is going to pay for it's removal when I'm completed with my schooling.

My second one is my 'tramp stamp'. I was rebelling and just wanted to do something crazy and on my own, so I picked it out of their booklet and got it done right before heading to one of my friend's birthday celebration. I also find it quite ironic because I'm not the "type" people "expect" to have a lower back tattoo and it surprises people. On a side note, I still need to get the stars filled in pink.

My next one is a star I got done on the Hollywood strip when my cousin from out of state wanted to get his first tattoo. He was scared and nervous so I told him I would get one first and he could see how it was done and to help calm him down. I think I was too calm or something because he ended up getting a full sleeve which took 15 hours. Not to mention, he didn't tell his mom and she almost kicked him out of the house. Fun times...

I got my rib cage one with a friend, who decided after I showed her my tattoo design wanted to get one that would be a 'buddy' tattoo, and so I designed her a lock for her to get done. I love how this tattoo looks and the detailing on the key is amazing to look at. By the way, it's the Nana 707 key because I'll always have a place for my friends in my heart and in my home.

I then got a tattoo saying 'I'll jump into the river', inspired by the Laura Marling song, 'Alas, I cannot swim'. It'll always remind me to just go out and to chase after my dreams. The tattoo artist even let my friend tattoo a star onto me.

I ended up getting a finger tattoo 2 years ago, it used to be hot pink and look like my inner elbow star tattoo but It faded dramatically. I got it was an ex friend but I have no regrets about it surprisingly. I think it symbolizes my strength to overcome anything life will throw at me even those who try to destroy me. Even the fading symbolizes something, that even stains on my skin, like those on my heart can eventually fade and I can forgive and move on.

After that, I ended up getting another tattoo of a feather, which like most of my tattoo's I drew and designed. It's one of my favorites even though it has no symbolism or meaning or even anything special about it. I just find it beautiful and I'm proud of my design and the tattoo artist's work is just amazing!

My latest one is quite new, my grandma died recently a few days after her 99th birthday. That day she kept singing 'Forever Young' whenever someone asked her her age. When she died she was cremated and it struck a chord with me. So I got 'Forever young' on my permanently and a Phoenix symbolizing the ashes.

Now, I already have my next tattoo planned and it looks something like this:

It's the crest of sincerity from 'Digimon' and peach blossoms, which are my favorite flower. I think I'm going to add in the flower Roxanne from 'A Goofy Movie' wears in the opening scene into the design.
My reasoning behind the 'Crest of Sincerity' is that I randomly watched the ending of Season 2 of Digimon and Mimi, the character, ended up having a cooking show and from what I remember was a singer at one point in her life. I also remember liking that even though she was a bit selfish and vain, she was still the holder of 'Sincerity' and was a great friend. I found that crazy because I was/am a singer and I will be going to Le Cordon Bleu in a few months and it just strikes me as uncanny that my path in life is similar.
I want to add the flower Roxanne has because I really love that movie and her character. Not to mention I've always wanted a Disney related tattoo but never anything too obvious, so it's a perfect choice to create a tattoo inspired by two women who influenced me in my youth.




  1. I really like the story behind the "forever young" tattoo.

  2. too bad about your "sad drama" tattoo. hope it'll be okay when you get it removed

    i really like the kate nash inspired tattoo, i've always liked phrase tattoos

  3. That song is by laura marling not kate nash

    1. OH my gosh, it's been up for well over a month and no one caught that, I'm super embarrassed now....
      Thanks, I'm fixing it [I should really roof read my stuff before publishing it]

  4. I don't know how I ended up on your blog, but I really like your tattoos !

    My favorite is of course the "Forever Young", because I never had the chance to see my grandparents the day they died. Sometimes, tattoos with meaning are ugly... "I know, there's a meaning, but I don't care, it looks ugly on you !!" It's not better than pretty, but meaningless tattoos. D: But yours is awesome and you should be proud of it, forever !

    I also have a tattoo on my feet, but it's not as pretty as yours. I will surely do something when it will fade a little bit...

    1. Thank you so much, I get what you mean ;3

  5. wow your tats are amazing, i love the feather you designed! and you're such a good friend, i like the stories behind the tats you told <3

  6. Hi im looking to get a finger tattoo, and you said you got urs 2 yrs ago, did u have to retouch it many times, as everyone says that it just fades really quickly. How is it that yours still looks good minus the pink of course. Thanks