Saturday, December 24, 2011

Jumily #4 lash Review

I really wanted to try Jumily lashes because the brand's spokes model is Maichi, one of my favorite gal inspirations. I love false lashes, and I've tried many brands and my past favorites came from Dolly Wink brand, #1 Sweet Dolly.

So, I want to compare and contrast the Jumily #4 lashes to 2 pairs I have been using and love.

Above, are the Jumily #4 lashes.
On the lower left, I have Diamond Lash #2, Fairy Eye and on the lower right, Dolly Wink #1, Dolly Sweet.

In comparison, the Jumily's are more tapered in with a more defined wing with volume in the center and outer edges. As you can see, they are more exaggerated than the lower pairs but appear less thick.

Now, onto the quality, from the above you can quickly tell the Dolly Winks are more hair like and super long and wispy. I love them for that fact. Because they're so long, it's quite obvious they're fake but the texture is so soft and the band so thin that it's like you're not wearing lashes. [I do have issues because of the super thin band that it doesn't like to stay down on my inner corner and the lashes are quite delicate and if tugged too hard may fall off]

The Diamond lashes feel quite cheap and are plastic but they look very nice on my eye and are very affordable. They are one of those pairs that look great for the price and are just a nice pair to have... The band is thicker, and is nice and sturdy and I can use a pair for a month if I wear them every day. The only issue is that they feel very very fake.

Now, the Jumily feels soft, not as much as the Dolly wink ones, but soft none the less. There's a thin band, but I haven't had any issues with them sticking up, and the lashes are nice and sturdy. I really do love the lashes as a whole because they have the best attributes of all my previous lashes.

Here's a few more comparison pictures...
Now, onto how they look on me.

Without lashes, or makeup.

Dolly Wink on the Left and Diamond Lash on the Right

Jumily Lashes.

Up close, I love how they look so much thicker and fuller after applied.

To sum it all up, I think Jumily lashes are by far my new favorite brand. You can take what you want from the review, but I by far prefer the look and the feel of Jumily lashes.

<3Carisse Iris


  1. These lashes have really added beauty to your eyes. Where are these available? nowdays, artificial lashes looks quite trendy and enhance your eyes.

  2. Thick and long lashes is a dream of every girl specially on your big day. Though not everyone have such naturally but thanks for sharing these jumily lashes look natural and beautiful.