Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 1: Ca Adventure~ In pictures.

So my friend's cousins just moved to LA, so we decided to bring them to CA Adventure followed by Disneyland on Thursday, which will come on another blog post.
I was inspired for my outfit by recent pictures of 'The Mad T Party' which California Adventure will host in June.
I made my own bunny hat to wear, I'm wearing a top from my local store 'RED', I also decided to loosely adhere a bunny tail to my furry Liz Lisa shorts~

I also painted my nails for the occasion, inspired by the costumes of the 'Little Mermaid' ride~

Oooh la la, my ticket! I'm so sad that I don't have a pass anymore, I will eventually renew it though.

A good majority of the rides terrify me because I'm super scared of heights
Though, I'm glad our first ride was the Toy Story Midway Madess, I got the highest score in the vehicle!!! Please don't mind my accuracy~
So, while everyone was riding the roller coaster and ferris wheel, I ate my lovely lunch over looking the pier<3
We then wandered around the park going on various rides and collected fast passes and eventually made our way past the new additions to the park and into the Hollywood back lot and into the animation studio where I fluttered about spinning around pretending I was Belle and finally found a seat to see which character I would be.

I ended up as Mrs. Potts~
Anywho, I'm so glad we got fast passes for almost every ride especially Goofy's ride as it was 50 minutes long, lordy knows how long it would have been on a weekend!
I really enjoyed the little details on the wall! They're seriously SOOO cute!
Also, dun dun dun...

I really want to go on opening night!!!

Tee hee hee, I needed a picture of me with the giant lampshade!

 We eventually wound up in 'A Bug's Land', which the cousins ABSOLUTELY loved! They were so cute, they also ate churros for the first time!
I stole some pictures from the kid's dad~
Mmmmm look at my yummy salad. Now, riddle me this, why would someone ordering a salad want it in a bread bowl? I'm pretty sure the people who order salads are either a) on diets or b) super health conscious... Like, so how does a bread bowl make any sense?
Any who, I'll conclude this post with some vain pictures of myself!

I'm excited to bring them to Disneyland on Thursday [tomorrow]!

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