Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yummy Bows!~ [Sponsored]

 I was so excited when I was able pick out my choice of 3 bows to share with you all from Bowkuma [link]<3
First of all, their customer service was prompt and friendly when I was emailing them questions and it was an absolute joy speaking with them. Also, my package came in in lightning speed, not even 3 days after I placed my order which was lovely! Then they even gave me some sweet candies which I inhaled as soon as I saw them, and they remembered that I absolutely love Sentimental Circus and they gave me a little gift of a few stationary pages which I put into my little memory box!
Like, I'm just so enamored with how much they put into their work and how much they care for the people receiving their products, like it makes my heart warm<3

Anywho, sorry, I got a bit side tracked with my sentiments;;

On to the bows themselves:
I got a large floral bow 'Cotton' [link]

 When I say large, I mean large. The bow is larger than my hand coming it at roughly 6 inches!
It's attached to an alligator clip which I really prefer over the snap clasps, and it doesn't slide down which always is a problem with snap clasps for me because my hair is so fine.
I also find the craftsmanship is impeccable  no exposed seams, I can barely see traces of glue on the underside and it's just very well done.
So far when I've been using it, I've been wearing it high on my head to create a foux cat ear look, in a way that's subtle but remaining cute.

 The print is very elegant and beautiful, especially with spring coming around the corner~
 I also chose the super cute 'Smores' bow [link]
The Smores bow is wonderfully unique with cute little graham crackers, and chocolate shavings on drippy marshmallow... Though they might look quite realistic, it's not edible but made quite solidly and shows no chance of having anything come lose or falling off.

I have gotten so many compliments on this bow when I'm out, and how amazing the detailing is and how unique it is.
 Also, since the colours are quite neutral, it can go with a lot of my outfits without looking overdone or out of place~
 The last, and my favourite bow I received is the 'Japanese Leek' bow [link] inspired by this little guy here~

The inspiration behind it was so quirky, I had to get it! Who can say they have a bow with a leek on it!
 I don't think people get why my bow has some vegetable on it when I wear it, but when I wear it out it puts a spring in my step, because I always have in mind the little running leek ~
Plus, it's really cute! My friends always have a good giggle when I wear this bow and it makes me so happy that even something as simple as a bow can make those around me smile<3

Thank you so much Bowkuma for letting me share your amazing bows!
Not only do they have quirky fun bows, but they have an assortment of regular plain bows, accessories  phone cases and more~

Also, you can purchase your Bowkuma bows [here] AND use a discount code they gave me to pass some saving onto you<3
If you use the code: Carisse, you can get 10% off your orders over $5, before shipping!



  1. Cute bows, looking into Bowkuma now. ^__^

  2. Those bows are so adorable. I love the foodie design :)


  3. I like the smore bow best! it's very cute :) they all suit you so much too!!

  4. Replies
    1. Hehe~ Thank you<3 Are you still deciding if you will continue growing yours out?