Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hard Bound Book Tutorial~

 One of my favourite crafts to do is to make hard bound books~
It's relatively cheap, easy and a fun way to customize books at home or even make your own book.
What you will need:
Cardboard or Posterboard
Fabric or paper
Rubber Cement 
Exacto Knife

Paper puncher
Decorative paper
Stack of paper

I will start with making your own book which is optional~
 With a stack of paper, fold them in half and make them even and stack them within each other~
Using your exacto knife, puncture through the stack through the fold at even intervals.

[you can also do the same thing with a hole punch
 Then using a needle and thread, sew the pages together, using the holes made with the exacto knife or hole punch and make sure it's bound well.

Binding the book:
 Cut two pieces of cardboard/card stock/posterboard to the size of the book.
If you have a thicker book, also cut a strip the length and width of the book's spine.

Cut a piece of fabric or paper an inch- two inches larger than the cardboard pieces laid out.
Pieces should be laid out roughly 1/4-1/2 inch a part... 
If you have the extra spine you will need to cut your fabric like the diagram above~
And that's how the pieces should be laid out.
 Without a spine, the cuts should just be on the corners~
Using the rubber cement, glue the cardboard peices down to the fabric or paper and make sure it's glued nice and flat.
 Then, glue the outer flaps onto the cardboard too~ Make sure everything is nice and neat.
 Then take your book and glue the covers to the cardboards. If you have the spine, DO NOT GLUE THE SPINE!
 Then, optional, you can cover the book ends with nice paper so you can't see any excess fabric or the book covers.
Then just glue on decorations, and you are done~
A nicely bound custom hard cover book!

I hope I explained it clearly~ It really is simple to do, and it only took me like, 20 minutes to make and it looks so cute!



  1. Awesome tutorial!~ ^u^

    I'll be making my own book when exams are over, heh. Thanks!~

    1. Yay~ I'm glad you like it!<3
      You are so so welcome!

  2. So cute!! I can't wait to try this!

  3. Oh, I love this tutorial.
    And I love how you made the book as well.
    This would be a great personalized gift idea for friends.
    I'm sure they would love it.


  4. So adorable! I'm gonna make me a book now ^^

  5. Oh my gaaab, so much dedication!
    This is awesome T ^T

      It's a fun craft when bored~~

  6. I love this idea of decorating your own cute notebooks when you can't find what your looking for. this is great! =D