Monday, April 8, 2013

New Polaroid Camera!

I'm so excited! Last week, on a whim, I ordered a Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S polaroid camera~
Not just any polaroid but a special edition Pony Brown designed camera..
[Which runs roughly over $100 USD]
So it's super cute looking and really fits my style<3
The Instax Mini is the new version of polaroid camera, it's no longer bulky and block shaped but more petite roughly 4 1/2 inches up and across.
Inside the box it comes with instruction manual, arm strap, 4 batteries and stickers for the polaroid.
Film must be purchased separately, which isn't cheap and only comes in packs of 10 pictures, similar to the old polaroids....
Also the camera now has adjustments for indoor, cloudy lighting, fine lighting and clear lighting so that the pictures will come out the best..
Another little fact is that the flash always goes off regardless of situation.... So I guess that can be inconvenient at times.
The shutter is very sensitive, and the camera is very user friendly! It's also very compact and fits in my purse very neatly.
The film for the camera is roughly the size of a credit card, and develops in a minute and it's very cute!
I've so happy with my purchase..
And I feel like I'll get a lot of use from it and besides the price of film, it's so worth it because the end product is very nice and brings back memories of my youth<3
My friend above is leaving to move out of state so I am giving her a polaroid of us to keep forever<3
And since the picture is credit card sized, it's very convenient to keep [and decorate]!



  1. Super cute! I was thinking about getting this one xD but the rilakkuma & hk ones are super cute too.

    1. Hehe~ I like that it's off white, so that it probably won't get too dirty>3>;;
      Yeah the Rilakkuma one was sooo cute!

  2. AWWWWWWWWWW so cute!!! SO worth it!

  3. this camera is so cute, I've seen it so much with kpop idols ♥

  4. so cute! i have the instax 25 in pink :)

  5. Oh my goodness, this camera seems like it would be such a good keep ; ___; ALL THE MEMORIES. All the best wishes to your friend <3333

    1. Exactly my thoughts! And I'll pass them to her, I'm helping her pack up her car today~

  6. What an adorable camera! My friend has one but it's not the limited edition kind. Seems like the polaroid is making a comeback!


  7. Sooo cute! I'd love to have a polaroid camera, especially a cute one like this :3

  8. OH MY GOSHHH so cute I am uber jealous! I really want one too ;_;. Which site did you order from?

    Xo CeeCee

  9. aw this is soo cute! *_* I want to buy a polaroid camera too bc of this vintage look and the memory you can take with it. <3
    How much does the film costs? :)

    Much Love,

    1. Exactly it looks so nice!
      Uhm I think roughly $16 for a clip of film, which is 10 pictures~