Monday, May 13, 2013


 I went to Studio 70 in Rowland Heights and got my hair coloured!
 'Cherry Bomb' hair!
It took 2 session, one to bleach my hair and the second to colour my hair and Head Kandy extensions, which I shall review later... [They have a purple tint and I'll talk about it in a later blog entry]
My experience at Studio 79 and hairstylist Aaron was amazing, and my hair was treated so well and feels so healthy still!
Everyone was very nice and welcoming and so very very friendly!
The salon itself was very minimalistic and clean~ Because of the huge window in the front the place was very bright and airy with natural light.
Also it was very clean in front because the washing stations are located in the back where it's calming and dim and you can really relax while your scalp is massaged!

My cherry bomb hair is so cute and unique!
Thank you so much Aaron and Studio 79!



  1. I love love love your hair~ It's so pretty!!!

  2. Omgawsh that is an epic change, but I love it!
    d( ≧ω≦ )b

  3. Love your hair!
    And yay welcome back!! So glad you have your blog back ^_^