Friday, May 31, 2013

Sweet Summer Molang Nails~

New nail set done at Atlas Studio by Yoko, who is just amazing and is great at detail and is the sweetest woman to exist<3
 Seriously, I'm so impressed with her work it's unbelievable what she can do and with such efficiency!

Thank you so much Atlas Studio for great customer service and all around amazingness!



  1. I swear, you have the most talented nail artist ever.


  2. awww .. they are so cute ! like em .

  3. Oh wow those are adorable! >.<
    How long do those usually stay on for? They look too precious *_*

    1. Thank you, and they last until my next session so I like having the bottoms clear so I can grow them out for a longer time so I tend to keep 'em for about 2 months give or take...

  4. They are so pretty and cute! So lovely.

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