Thursday, August 1, 2013

GEO Xtra Morning Glory Brown circle lens~ Review [Sponsored]

I'm happy to introduce you guys to a new member of the sponsor family! !
I was contacted by the wonderful people at and I could pick out a pair from their expansive lens collection and it took a long time to pick but I picked out the GEO Xtra Moring Glory Brown circle lenses. Looking at how natural they look and how in certain lighting they make eyes look very watery and almost crystal like and I knew I wanted them on my eyeballs, haha~
 My lenses came in in good timing, and the customer service was very kind and responded quite quickly to me. I like how the circle lenses are well packaged and they come with a lens case and random helpful little  aids~
 Besides they're cute business card with contact information and code,
 The back features a helpful little guide to knowing when your lenses will expire~ I've already filled mine out with the lenses I got from them and other pairs I have, so now I won't be questioning when I should be tossing my circle lenses!
 Also, they include a full guide on lens care! I LOVE it when companies give lens care information because it's perfect for beginners and helps to educate others on proper lens care!
Teeheehee! look how cute the instructions are! Too frickin' adorable!
My lenses come in a magical looking little baggie~

The pretty pretty pretty crystal/flower looking pattern~

Brand: GEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38%
Diameter: 15.0 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable

 These lenses are very very comfy, and I've been wearing them for a few days. Like most lenses they get pretty dry around the 5-6 hour mark and I take them out around then or use drops to extend the moisturized feeling for a bit. The enlarging is just perfect to me, the look more like 14.5 lenses in my eyes though, so it's a more comfortable size of enlargement for me without over doing it. I'm a sucker for 14.5 size lenses, just enough dolly looking eyes but not too much to be overkill.
I REALLY REALLY like the design, it looks very natural and blends with my eye colour perfectly, especially in natural light, but then in indoor light or artificial light [even flash] my eyes look like they're glowing, it's SO SO pretty!

You can find the lenses [here]
 On my scale, I give the lenses~~ drum roll~~
4/5 for comfort
5/5 for design looks, cause having pretty glowing eyes is pretty awesome!

The glowing prettiness^^
So, since Eyecandy's is joining as a sponsor, they've kindly included a code that will give you a free surprise gift with purchase!
I really hope you enjoy the site, they have everything from lenses, to makeup, lashes, jewelry to Fujifilm cameras and polaroid film!!!!



  1. Eee, these lenses look super pretty on you (like all the lenses you review, heh)! Congratulations on the new sponsor, must be super exciting~ ^o^

    Your flower headband is so cute, by the way! I've always wanted one of those. 8D

    - Junniku [Click!]

    1. Ah, thank you! it is~~
      And I did too, so I just made my own with fake flowers and crafting wire<3

  2. I was going to mention that the lenses do make your eyes glow. I love the pictorial tutorial they give, I'm such a sucker for nice packaging, it makes your shopping experience all the more enjoyable.

  3. hey sweet , are thats your natural double eyelid ?

    Something else look wonderful

    1. Thank you! And yes, I have a natural double eyelid<3

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  5. You look like a color contact lens model! : )