Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Blah~ after a week of going out to eat and not exerciaing its not surprise I gained 3 lbs and that really depresses me...
That means I really need to get myself together and stop acting like I have myself under control...

Besides that, I probably went over my debit card amout because I ran out of gas and haa to refill my tank... So I have to take care of that tomorrow~~

Today waa pretty uneventful, I had to take my assesment exame to see where I fit into in college. Its been so long since I went I had to take that darn exam again.  Though, I was complimented a lot in line about my looks and apparently those I befriended though I was 17 ahaha..

Ugh I dont know... Today wasnt horrible but it wasnt fortunate...

Well, one gem was that my hair cooperated with me today, and I did get to sleep in....


  1. I'm sure that 3lb isn't a big deal! Don't worry my weight fluctuates 5lbs give or take. It's always a good day when your hair cooperates :)

    1. Yeah, kind of the same boat here, but this is like 3lbs above my high fluctuation;;;
      But yeah good hair makes it less of an icky fact;;

  2. Hey girl, I wish I gained 3 lbs in a month a least, but believe me.. I am too skinny and I don't like the unhealthy look but I guess we're born like this and we can't change our metabolism..
    You're beautiful,trust me :)

    1. Ah, very true~ And thank you so much<3
      Gotta do what we can to be healthy<3