Friday, January 13, 2012

Beauty and the Beast 3D

Lalala.. I really wanted to wear blue tonight to feel a bit like a princess but I only have mint in my wardrobe which was slightly disappointing. I started out in a long skirt and Juicy cardigan but it made me feel fat [for some reason that cardigan isn't flattering at all on me but I love it so much that I always insist on trying to wear it...] Well, I guess it's another reason to lose more weight.
Well, when I stepped outside it was freezing! So, I changed into leggings and boots and wore my fluffy bunny coat over it all...
I really love how soft the sweater is, it's made of cashmere. It's seriously so delicious feeling. Enough about that...

My friends and I went to see Beauty and the beast in 3D! I was so excited, even though I own it on VHS... But the last time I saw it in theaters I was 2 so, it probably doesn't count.
I usually hate 3D because it gives me a terrible migraine, but this was just SO well done. I ended up just watching the background because it was so amazingly detailed...
Any who, I just realized the Prince Adam/Beast was 11 when he was cursed... That's kind of ridiculous! Of course kids can be rude and arrogant... Well, when I realized that it made sense why the Beast acted to immaturely and was kind of awkward with the relationship. Yeah.
Ah, on another note, I've always had a crush on Gaston and he's even better looking in 3D!
The only downer was that this gaggle of girls next to me kept squealing and singing loudly out of key and quoting the movie... My friends and I were able to resist the urge to do that so not to annoy everyone and we could do that at home so they should too... Erg, I just think it's super inappropriate to do that in a theater...
Oh sigh, the movie is so magical and it just makes me want to sing and be in France quickly!



  1. Maannn, sounds pretty damn awesome.. I never liked 3d too :\ I'll give this a try!

  2. Large jumpers could be difficult to style sometimes since it doesn't highlight the natural curves of a womans body, so maybe next time try belting it around the waist or even grab a REALLY long belt and have it just above the hip, this helps creating a pear/hour glass shape on your body.

    You could vamp up the belt by creating a 'fish' knot or use a ribbon, either a contrasting colour or the same kind of blue but with a darker tone. Otherwise you could layer it with something that is more tight fitted on top, like a slimming waistcoat.

    Glad you had fun watching Beauty & the beast, I've always loved the movie as a kid too :)