Saturday, January 14, 2012

90 Miles in a Day

Today's outfit: Ugh, I was so lazy so I threw on my knit dress over leggings and furry uggs... I did wear my faux glasses because I had an acne break out on the bridge of my nose and I didn't want to put makeup on it...

Anyways, my friend decided to come with me to Mitsua to buy some eyeliner while I bough groceries. I ran out of mayo like, 2 months ago so I really needed to stock up.
Blah, we passed through some of the cute stores and for the first time they had a huge supply of Stitch, Angel and Scrump goods! I wanted everything but the ones I really wanted were well over $39... So, I had to pass on them sadly.

Oh yeah, they had this really super cute Stitch Jinbei for kids~ Seriously, I want it SO badly or at least a few yards of the fabric..
Oh, and the remodeling of the Torrance mall was finally complete and they had a mochi bar that looked amazingly delicious.
Any who, my friend and I split an order of takoyaki after grocery shopping. I think it was the most delicious and cheapest order I've ever had! We even got a complimentary red bean taiyaki. Nummy.
After that we ended up going to my local music store and bought a few sheet music and Disney piano book.
Well, after resting out tummies we set out to Culver to get some Cool Haus [website]again.
I ended up getting 1/2 Green Tea and 1/2 Strawberries and Cream on Snicker doodle cookies. Yum! My friend got Cereal Milk ice cream on Snicker Doodle~ the ice cream was made from Fruit Loops.

Yeah, today was fun and productive! Not to mention a gas tank emptier.
Now it's time to burn some calories and hit the gym.



  1. wow <3
    so cute stich things...
    i will have them *____*

  2. So many Stitch items!
    Man, you are just too cute ; ___; <3

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