Saturday, January 21, 2012

Simple Bunny Nail Tutorial

This is my favorite nail decoration that I use constantly because it's so easy and cute.

Colours you will need:

Step by step:

1. Use white and create a circle [I prefer at the tip of the nail]
2. Make 2 smaller circle above the larger one, this will become the ears.
3. Connect the smaller circles to the larger one with a tapered curved line meeting near the middle of the larger circle.
4. Using black, dot in the bunny's eyes and you can create blush using pink polish, which is optional.

Voilla! The bunny's done! You can place them on every nail tip as a variation of a french tip or at the base of the nail as a type of bunny crescent french... Or even sporadically like the bunny is playing hide and seek..
I hope you enjoyed my bunny nail tutorial!


  1. That is ADORABLE~!<3 I must try this *-*

  2. Aww it looks too cute >< I'm very lazy when it comes to nails but I really want to try this one out ^^

  3. Oohhh you gave me inspiration! I love simple and minimalistic designs so much! Thanks Carisse!


  4. So CUTE!
    I'm going to try this tonight! <3 <3 <3