Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tutorial: My Current Makeup

 So, I'm going to show you what my current makeup routine is~
I start with a basic foundation routine, which consists of my Clinique BB cream, concealer and pressed powder.
I then use an assortment of neutral eye shadows.
I use a dark brown matte, a matte taupe colour, a vanilla matte shadow, a golden shimmer, a dark brown shimmer, a light gold shimmer and a bronze shimmer.
 You will also need a white eye pencil and a good liquid liner.
Don't forget some false lashes and mascara ~ I'm currently using Decolog Eyelashes Who's series in Dolly.
Not to mention a really pink blusher<3

SO, let's get started!
 Start with a nude eye with primer, if you have it.
 Going into the taupe matte, work it from the lash line to slightly above your natural crease.
 Then using the dark brown matte, fill in the space from your lash line to your natural crease, extending the outer corners.
 Taking the bronze shimmer, I apply it in a crescent shape on the outer  corner of my eye.
 Using the vanilla colour, I apply it under my brow and blend it down into the taupe and bronze shadows to blend them nicely. I then follow it with the golden shimmer applied just under the brow to make my eyebrow look more lifted.
 To start my under eye, I go into the dark brown shimmer and apply it in the shape of a comma, tapered in towards the middle of my eye and wider towards my outer eye. I always extend it past my eye to make my eyes look bigger.

 I then use my white pencil to fill in the space from my tear duct to just under my pupil to make my eyes look brighter and more youthful. On top of the white base, I gently press in the light golden shadow to really make it pop.
 I then carefully line my eyes with my liquid liner. I always taper the line and start it really thin and close to the lash when I start it towards the inner lid. then when I get to the outer lid I make the line thicker and wing it. If you're unsure how to wing your eyeliner, youtube has a vast assortment of tutorials on how to do so.
 I then coat my lower lashes in 3 or 4 coats of mascara and then apply false eyelashes to finish my eyes and to make them appear so much larger than they really are.
[Make sure that your eyeliner is even! I mine wasn't so I had to fix it on the computer...]
 Now for blush, I love pink blush because it makes me look more youthful. I smile and on the apples of your cheeks, in a circular motion, apply the blush. Not too much or you'll look like a clown, but enough for it to look like a light glow~
I finish off with a coat of lip balm on my lips and I'm done!
I hope you liked my tutorial on my current makeup look!


  1. so pretty! which lenses are you wearing? looks so good on you!

    1. They're Sweet Eye brown from Vassen, thank you so much~ They're my favorite brown lenses :3

  2. I've tagged you in my blog, for questions, if you have time, make an article <3

    and great tutorial, i love the result!