Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sponsored: Trinity Styles

So, as you guys know I LOVE shopping for Korean and Japanese clothing. The only way I know to obtain those fashion is to purchase it online.
I'm pretty sure, I may be queen, if not princess, of buying things online.
Well, let me tell you I have found a great store that holds Korean and Japanese fashions, and when I say Japanese fashions, they have a good handful of Japanese gal brands and brand look alikes, which make me really happy!
The shop that I am talking about, is called, Trinity Styles who has a webshop and a facebook shop.
Trinity was kind enough to gift me a product of choice and even added on a super adorable bag with it!
Let me just say, not even 2 weeks after the item was decided on and ordered, it was on my door step! So, unlike ordering direct from Asia, it doesn't take 3+ weeks to get to you, well, at least for me as I live in California USA.
 The MercuryDuo bag is a really cute hand bag with floral print and is perfect for summer. I can't wait to use it to the beach or for days strolling around the park~
My item of choice was the 'Oui Princess Dress' item for purchase here
Oh my goodness, the quality is really nice, and unlike some dresses I buy for a similar price on ebay, it doesn't fall apart at the seams instantly.... [trust me, it's happened a good amount of times... -___-;]
The stitching is secure and the fabric is really nice quality and exactly like the picture on the site!

When I saw the dress in person, I thought that it was the perfect amusement park/state fair dress and so I decided to wear it when my friends invited me to go to the fair with them.

 I was actually really surprised when people kept complimenting me on my dress and saying it was really pretty! One lady taking tickets for a ride actually stopped me to point out that I looked really classy and asked where I got my dress. I was honestly very shocked and pleased by the reactions I got~
So please pardon me while I camwhore in the dress...
 I paired the dress with  a cute necklace with eyeglasses on them, some gold bangles, a pearl watch, a simple bow ring and a pair of cream sandals. I also dug out my mum's old mint hand bag to follow the mint and pink trend that I've been noticing in my magazines<3

 The detailing on the skirt. Can I mention that this was the main reason I fell in love with the dress?  Well, it is. I really like the ruching, like, a lot!
 I like to think that the cut of the dress is flattering on me, not to mention that it's one size fits most, and I'm roughly a US size 6, so I was really happy to get a dress that works on my body shape and size.
Also, I should mention here that before ordering, please take your measurements to compare to the ones listed with the clothing item, just to be on the safe side~

Now, let me tell you guys some exciting news~ Trinity Styles is now an affiliate with my page!
So, as a gift to you all, Trinity Styles has given my readers a 10% off all orders from their webstore, with the discount code: CI2012

I'm so happy to be able to show you all this awesome store, and I wish you guys an amazing and fashionable start to summer!
Also, they have a lovely tumblr page and like their facebook page, I am sure you'll love their stuff like I do! I can't wait to purchase a few dresses on my own as they just updated their June stock and I'm eyeing a few pieces...;]



  1. I love it!, That dress is adorably cute! I wil defo check out this store :D can't wait to find some cute bits.. Thanks for sharing <3

    1. I know, I'm kind of obsessed with the dress 0.0
      Tee hee hee, you're so welcome<3

  2. I've been looking at that dress and wasn't sure if it would fit me right, but the way it looks on you is just wonderful! And we're the same sizes! Woo!~ ^ㅅ^

  3. YAY! I think the dress is wonderful, and I can't stop gushing over it and about it, hahah~
    I really think it's a worth it dress for spring/summer.. My friend says it would be cute for fall with a hoodie or cardigan over it and a chunky belt, so I might do that~

  4. Nice dress! The skirt is really really nice. :) Beautiful!!!!

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