Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Fashion Inspiration~

Note: I really should invest in photoshop so I can collage these images in a pretty way...
Anyways, here are some 'coordinates' and ideas in recent issues of Happie Nuts and Skawaii that I found inspiring for summer<3

 Showing a hint of shoulder or decolletage is in this season.

  Or instead of baring your upper body, showing a hint of leg instead is another point.

 I also love how cute masculine is mixed this season. In the same way casual is thrown in there makes it look so effortless~
 ^^random note, I love the lyrics on the side... HAHA<3

 I also am in love with how they threw in the cross trend with the pastel girly look! The grey is such a great touch without over shadowing the whole outfit!
Mint pumps and denim jacket on top of a screen tee and white denim shorts! I'm loving it!
 Also, the plus size gal on the run way made me really happy! Girl can werk it!
AND... Amazing hair inspiration~

I really want to embody these styles this season and hopefully they'll transfer beautifully into late summer and fall!

Also... I want to throw some links at you to where I purchase clothing, both online and in store.

[I also liked minimaos, but apparently, they're in active for the moment]

in store:



  1. I agree with the cross trend! It's lovely the way they did it :3
    I want to increase pastels in my wardrobe. I've only recently learned to love them!

    1. I love them because it's such a subtle way to stand out, as most people wear dark colours~
      Plus, especially in out climates, it's a good way to stay cool. :3

  2. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration as well!!

    Loving the leg trend this summer, inspires me to get on the treadmill!! Haha Simplistic, but trendy is definitely the theme this ear. Most of the pieces can be worn again since they are quite basic pieces. Loveeeee <3