Saturday, January 19, 2013

Current Winter Makeup Tutorial

I'm always switching up what my face looks like every season depending on my mood and the weather~
So, I thought I'd do a run down of what my current look entails and how it can be recreated!
First and for most, I apply my foundation [currently using Etude House Anti-Aging BBcream, review to come later] ,my contour; talked about [here] , and face powder [Etude House setting powder, also will be reviewed ;3]

Then I work on my eyes.

1.Using Urban Decay's 'Twice Baked', I apply it on my lids and blend up just above my crease.
I keep applying more power along my lash line and blend up so that it creates a gradient effect/ smoky look.
2. Then using a vanilla shadow, Urban Decay's 'Foxy', I apply it under my eyebrow and blend down making sure that my darker shadow is even more blended.
3. Then going back to 'Twice Baked', I gently apply it to the outer 2/3 of my lower lash line, connecting it to the shadow blended on my lid.
4. Going into a shimmery white eye shadow, Urban Decay's 'Zephyr', I apply it to the remaining inner1/3 of my lower lash line. Doing this brightens up my eyes and makes the outer corners of my eye appear a bit more sunken and mature.
How I applied my shadow so far for reference.

5. Then taking my liquid eyeliner, I created a dramatic winged line to elongate my eyes and make them appear wider.
I then apply a bit of kohl to my upper water line. I am currently using Urban Decay's 24/7 Eyeliner in 'Zero'. I use this to make my lash line appear thicker and to make the winged liner blend better with my lash line.
I then apply my false lashes. I'm currently using Decolash in '#1 Play Sexy', and lower lash in '#4 Play Cute'.
I apply my top lashes roughly 1mm extended past my natural lash line and .25mm above the outer section of my lash to make my eyes appear larger. [Mind that I keep the section of false lash near my inner corner as close to my lash line as possible.]
I also just use a short set of bottom lashes just short of my outer lash line and apply them almost horizontally, leaving the lower outermost section of my lower lash open to create a more doe like eye, round and large.
For a visual aid, I drew this~

Finally, I finish up my contour, and add a bit of Tarte 'Tipsy' cheek tint on the apple of my cheek and Clinique lip tint 'Flirty Honey' to finish off my look.

For me my makeup is pretty simplified because I don't really feel like going crazy with so many brushes, shadow pots and misc products.. Though I'm sure what I may use seems like a lot, it's a lot less than it usually is~
Up close shot, but I may have been a bit too close to the light;;
I hope I was easy to follow, and I hope that it's something that was helpful to you.
[circle lens: Geo Nudy Grey]



  1. Awesome tutorial, thank you so much! These are always so useful. n__n

  2. Thanks for the tutorial!Your makeup looks gorgeous!

  3. hi i already writte in your blog( the weight loss entry) and i wanted to say Why YOU DONT DO IT ON YOUTUBE , seriously :) i promise you ill watch them :)
    YULI Mexico

    1. Haha, maybe.. but I need a better camera first ;3

  4. omg even w/o make up you look perfect. you remind me of runway models for alexander wang and the like!

  5. you look very lovely! and i really like how this look accentuated your big doe eyes <3

  6. Very pretty! I love all the brown shadows and how you enlarge your eye.


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