Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Beauty Diary 2 Step Autumn Repair Mask- Review

 A month prior I was perusing through this cute beauty store and came across this face mask system.
Because I had $15 to spare, I thought why not just try Snail infused mask because it sounds interesting and it's been kind of a rage as of recently..
[plus, you get 8 packs so it's good for 2 months of care]
 The system has 2 parts, the facial mask, and a follow up moisturizer attached for afterwards..

Lovingly copy and pasting the description of the product off of Sasa: [which it's currently out of stock of on the site]

My Beauty Diary 2 Step Autumn Repair Pack - Snail Mask includes a mask and a cream. It contains mucus secreted by snails. Rich in protein, the ingredient effectively increases skin’s elasticity, and strengthen moisture-locking and repairing effects. My Beauty Diary 2 Step Autumn Repair Pack is highly moisturizing and nourishing.Wonderfully moisturized, deeply nourished and plumped, skin emerges infinitely regenerated. The cream has a fresh and lightweight texture which glides smoothly on your face, pampering each and every inch of your face. Applying it both day and night and it will nourish and moisturize your skin around the clock. Your skin can be renewed, refined, resilient and radiant upon using it.

how to use it
After facial cleansing, attach on face and leave on for 20-30 mins. Remove and lightly pat down any remaining essence.

Rich in mucus secreted by snails , the ingredient effectively increases skin’s elasticity, and strengthen moisture-locking and repairing effects.

suitable for
all skin type

 The packaging is cute and self explanatory and is easy to open.
For me, I love doing a face mask after I shower, wash my face, and apply my toner.. Usually when I'm prepping to go to bed, and relax with a good book.
The mask is on this plastic sheet that you peel it off of, which makes it easier to open up and pull apart. Though the mask is very thin, it's dripping with serum which I gather and spread on my jaw, neck and chest, so not to waste any of it, and surprisingly the mask is very strong and doesn't rip easily.
 Like, above, you keep the mask on for roughly 30 minutes but I tend to leave mine on for maybe an hour...

I decided to try the mask for a month, so 4 applications and I can say that the description is accurate.
I found that the mask calmed the redness in my skin, reduced time for healing on my breakouts, even had some of my new acne disappearing. I also noticed that my skin became less cracked and peeling, which it tends to do during cold weather times. 
Next comes the cream. Now, the cream is very very thick, and it really scared me because I'm easily prone to break outs...
 But, thank goodness, no breakouts from using this cream.
Though the cream is thick, I wouldn't describe it as oily but very creamy and it make my skin slightly firmer, and so very moisturized. I even started applying it on my eye area which tends to have regular excema, and I haven't had any appear this month, which is very exciting!
Also, for some reason, my combo skin was less oily in my T-Zone, and my dry areas okay... I want to attribute it to the mask because this is the first time since ever that my skin's been this balanced out..

So, I find that this 2 Step Autumn Repair mask is highly worth it!
I will be repurchasing it again as soon as I run out, probably from eBay, because it seems to be sold out everywhere, even the store I bought it from originally is sold out, maybe that's a telling sign of how good it is;;

So if your looking for a mask to help clarify your skin and existing/healing acne [yes, even zits you've popped, and you skin is irritated and just not good], or looking for a mask to help firm your skin~ this one is for you<3
Would you try anything with snail essence or have you tried anything with snail essence?


  1. The thought of it being snail infused is kind of weird. But hey, if it works, it works. How does it smell?


  2. I know right?
    But it smells like nothing... 0.0
    Which I like<3

  3. I haven't tried any snail products OR this particular MBD mask, but I've tried a LOT of masks, so now I want to try this one too ^_^

    If you find a good place to buy it you should tell us ^_^

    1. The only place I found it was on eBay as of today~

  4. I love my beauty diary masks - they are the best :) But sails?! Sounds way gross but... your review makes me think I should at least try it before I judge it :/

    1. The only MBD mask I have had is the Macaron and Earl Grey mask, which is ok~ but this one is like crazy awesome for my skin<3

      Try it~ Try it<3

    2. K. K. I will try ^.^ You should try Sakura Mask it's my favorite and the cooling mask is amazing for summer. I can't remember what other ones I tried now... Oops.

    3. Oh! Okay, I will be taking your advice<3 Thank you so much!!!

  5. Actually there has been numerous good promises on snail-whatever products. Sounds gross but I think it's better than placenta!

    1. Haha, oh man... That placenta trend.. Yeah, snail is way better sounding and thus seems to be a good one....

      I'm hearing things about bird poop facial creams now.... Oh the oddities of beauty treatments....

  6. Gotta love that snail slime, placenta and bird poop on your face... o__o

    I'm down to try snail essence, though! n__n