Friday, July 19, 2013

Fun times sitting on the ground for 10 hours [amazingly picture heavy]

 So, my friend got us tickets for the Psych the Musical Premier in DTSD~ We took the hour ride down to our old hang out area, it's been like 2-3 years since we last were there it was wonderful to go back.
I really miss living in SD...

 We got there and my friend noticed that there was a 'The Counter', burger restaurant. Which is a place she's been wanting to eat at for a while now.
We were greeted by the wonderful owner or the place who was amazingly nice and conversation flowed easily! She told me I was a real life anime character haha;;
 The decor of the pace was modern retro and very comfortable feeling~

 Of course I get alcohol at 1pm... But the blueberry lemonade was amazingly bomb!
 I ended up ordering a bison burger [rare] on a bed of mixed greens with dried tomato vinaigrette and avocado. OH MY GOSH, it was heaven!
 My friend got a chicken burger with the best pesto dressing I've tried~
 Yum, we demolished everything... Next time I want to try their 'adult shakes' in birthday cake or nutella..
 The line was wrapped around half the block by 2pm and the premier was at midnight... What a long day, and I forgot to bring a book and my phone was almost dead...

 We were early enough to be in the vip cluster though! Yay!
 Throughout the day there were cute girls in little Psych outfits and roller skates throwing swag at us and blasting good music~
 Slap bracelets~
 Girl going around doing free psych semi-perm tattoos~

 My friend's and my tattoo choices..
 One of the chill friends in line we made got his on his knuckles hehe~
 Cute girls in skates... I felt bad a lot of them were falling and I don't think knew how to skate;;
 More free swag~
 Film crew filming people singing the theme song...
Dude with the guitar was really weird and kept asking girls to be friends with benefits with him... It was really gross, and was like humping things.... :/
 Free swag buttons~
 One of the girls gave me like a hundred home button stickers for iPhone.. I don't even have an iPhone;;
 My friend's Psych buttons~
Cast people arriving in the wiener mobile, woo..
 We went in, and were cheered by the roller girls, got free giant popcorn, sunglasses, lanyards sodas and the threw out shirts but I couldn't catch one... I'm so short... :[
The cast and crew were with us and mingled with people in the theatre, it was pretty cool..
There were a lot of people crying and shaking... Which was kind of unsettling to me..;;
 One cast member had a face cut out of the director[?] Or writer [?]
The show was very nice... I was quite pleased because Anthony Rapp was in it. I would have been so ecstatic if he was there with the cast, in all honesty... From age 10-19 I had the BIGGEST crush on Anthony Rapp, haha...
 Outside the theater there were lots of posters that looked very broadway.

The night ended around 3 am? Ah, I was so tired..
 On the ride back, we were blasting Jonas Brothers at full volume to stay awake and were having a mini dance party...
It was a nice night... If I ignore some guys [plural] that were inappropriate and I wanted to kick, haha;;
All my swag items~ [though I only collected them to give to a friend who really likes the show and couldn't make it] [[I'm keeping the sunglasses though... They're really nice quality]]



  1. That was such a fun night! Totally worth the hard ground and creepy guitar dude...hahaha