Friday, July 12, 2013

Purrrfectly Pink~

 I'm finally at my dream hair colour, dusky rose pink! [though I need it to fade a bit more to become a more baby shade]
above is the colour I gave to my stylist of what I wanted. She said I should get to that shade in about 2-3 weeks depending how often I shower...

 Ah, but it's so pretty and I love my current colour so much! I almost cried from happiness when I was done at the salon. I finally felt like myself and in my own skin~
Yay for my pink hair!


  1. Te ves divina :D Por eso andabas tan rubia ¿verdad? para pintarlo de rosa, me encanta es muy tu estilo :3 ¡Saludos!

    Barbarella maquill-Arte

  2. Thank you! Haha, hmm.. I had a wig this colour and I loved it so much and it felt so very 'me', so it's been my goal to get that colour on my real hair<3

  3. wow... it's really pretty! I really wanted to bleach my hair someday...


    1. Thank you so much! Hehe~ It took me 3 years of planning and prepping my hair;; So, all in due time~<3

  4. Wow, You're totally beautiful with this color. <3

    nico ~

  5. Pretty! I love that colour :D

  6. So pretty! I kind of miss my pink hair!

  7. The color looks great on you!


  8. The color is so perfect oh my goodnensssss @A@

  9. Hooray for your pink hair! You look beautiful, Carisse! The color pink really suits those with a fair to medium skin tone. Likewise it matches your bouncy, glossy curls! It took you three years of planning and prepping. I'm glad that you've found the perfect hair color that will match with your overall personality! :)

    Luz Sheffler @ Hairworx Ect Inc.