Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Let's edit pictures together with Meitu!

It was requested I do an entry on how I edit my pictures~
I don't think I'm any expert at it, but I think I do a fairly decent job...
For photo editing, I use Meitu, it's free and awesome!!!
[before downloading, please look up a tutorial on how to download or you will download annoying desktop things in Han..]

First I'll go over Meitu Meiyan which is a free beauty and camera app [for camera, I do prefer to use Camera 360 for the 'sweet' filter]

The app looks like the one I have pointed out~ Under it is the two icons you can pick between.
First one is the camera and the one I pointed out is the photo editor, click that and it'll bring you to a screen where you can pick out which picture you want to edit.

 Pointing out the icons I usually use... The bottom bar scrolls so the other two are off too the side haha;;
But it's pretty self explanatory from the icons.
 First I mess with the slimming/weight tool.

 There's a little tool editor at the bottom to pick the size of the tool you want. I slightly pull in the sides of my face by just a little. The trick to continuity is to only slightly adjust what you want too so that it's not super obvious every time you post an edited picture~ [plus, you do want to look like yourself, just slightly improved!]
 Then to zoom in use two fingers and drag them apart to  hone into the section you want.

 I change the size of my tool to the smallest setting and cinch in my nostril slightly.
Don't forget to click the check at the top right to confirm the change.

 I then go into the eye enlarger, a little box shows up when you put your finger down so you can be precise with your placement of enlargement.
The issue with eye enlargement is it warps the pixels and you lose definition, which we'll fix later...
Click the check at the top again and move on..
 I then go into the under eye bag fix section and highlight only the darkest part.
 I also do the same on the bride of my nose for a bit more contour :3
Click the check and move on~
Last part is to fix the loss of definition by using the eyeliner tool on my pupil~
Click the check again, and it'll save it onto your files.

Original and finished picture~ yeah! Slight edits do make a big difference!

Now onto Meitu Xiu Xiu

Original picture, unedited~

First thing I do is use the weight/slimming section to pull in my chin, sides of my face, nostrils and arm.

After pulling in everything~

 Next, I go into the skin lightening to edit the brightness of my picture.
 I usually pull it up to 3 or 4 and bring it to a cooler tone.

I then go into the blemish section and clear up any blemishes I have, be very light on it. The less the better~

After that, I go into the eye enlarging tool and enlarge my eyes.
The one problem is that enlarging the eyes is that it blurs the eyes a bit and it does need to be fixed later on  by going into the darkening section and just darkening up the pupil area~
After eye enlarging~

 Next is my fave step fixing the under eye circles. I usually go into the second section where you select a lighter area around the eye and you can blend it into the under eye circle to lighten it in a more natural looking way.

  I then go into the basic editing section and use the selected filters in varying percentages. You have to click the blue button to confirm the choices you make.
After filters are applied. I did go a bit heavy, just to show you what it can do<3
 I then go into picture overlay, where you can find lots of cute add ons for your pictures like mustaches, bows, text and other fun things~
You can also upload your own by clicking the folder icon in that section.
 After selecting a picture a pop up box appears where you can select the opacity, size and tilt, you can also flip it too.
Watermark added~
 Now to save. Be sure, unless you want a gif, to click the right button on top, which will change it to a jpg file.
You can choose where to save the file and the file title.
Then, click the large green box and voilla, you're done!
When you edit, make sure to not pull things in too far or to over do it, because it's hard to remember how to replicate a look over and over. For me, I know I only slightly pull in my chin [cause it's really long to me] and the sides of my face. I also bring in my nostrils slightly maybe reducing them by 15-20%?

Gosh, I hope that was easy to understand!
And I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial~



  1. Whaa, thank you so much for the tutorial post, Carisse! I totally gave up on editing my pictures like this, ugh - I always seem to overdo it, and make myself look like an alien ahaha. But after this post, I think I'll give these apps a try! Thank you! ^___^

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

    1. Ah! You are so welcome! The more you practice the better you get at it<3
      Heeehee! Highly recommend! Super user friendly and fun!

  2. Thank you for this post! I love love love this app! I have been trying to find an app like this too. Now I can edit my selfies without getting on my laptop :)

  3. oh wow thanks for this tutorial :D maybe I should also try Meitu Xiu Xiu!

    1. You are so welcome<3<3<3
      I like it, it's fun and especially when I'm bored hahaa..

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  5. Thanks for the tip, I'll try this app chu ~ But really, it might be me, but I don't really see a big difference between the original pic and the edited one except for the tons, you just still samely gorgeous (*´▽`*) lucky you ♥

  6. Thank you so much for the review! I gave this a try and absolutely love the outcome :) You're very pretty!


  7. Ooo, thank you for the tutorial! This is really helpful! :D
    I really liked the web app, I'm so excited I can use it on my phone!


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  9. I really love how easy the pc ver is. It is like an easy photoshop for beauty. 😊👍

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