Monday, June 22, 2015

'I'm not a morning person'~ Sweatshirt, Sponsored

'I am not a morning person'~ The most accurate sweatshirt I have ever owned. Also, maybe the cutest and comfiest too... I was in the market for a sweatshirt to sleep in and to wear on chilly mornings to spin class, and I had to just pick out this sweatshirt from Trinity Styles [link to sweatshirt here]

I got my sweatshirt in the Large size, and at a size 6 US dress size, it's the perfect loose and relaxed fit. Perfect for those cool days when you want an effortless and comfy look. Also there is enough room for my tank tops/tee shirt combos underneath, with extra room.The text on the sweatshirt is printed on in good quality, is very clear and doesn't seem like it will budge easily in the wash, and should last for a good long time. The length of the sweatshirt on me, I'm 5'3", is perfect and the bottom of the sweatshirt hit just over my butt/crotch line, so I'm able to wear it over leggings comfortably and with it covering any accidental sheer-ness or, uhm, tightness[?] from my leggings.
The sweatshirt is a thick average sweatshirt fabric, the inside is extremely plush and soft! Like super soft like a baby chick's down feathers, honestly. It's a dream in chilly weather conditions.
Back onto the fabric, it's not the super elastic sweatshirt fabric, which is the type I tend to dislike because it tends to bunch up and around when I move around, since this sweatshirt is the less elastic fabric, you don't have to worry about the sweatshirt riding up and bunching as you wear it, but it lays really nicely on the body and looks a lot neater.
I can't wait till fall honestly because I can imagine an outfit of the sweatshirt layered over a mini skirt and like a cute vest, or even under a neat overall set or over one of my floral dresses and some boots.
I can always expect great quality items from Trinity Styles, not just amazing quality, but gorgeous finds, updated staples and on trend items. Also, you can use the code 'carisse' at the end of checkout for a 5% discount

I may not be a morning person, but a good comfy sweatshirt and a warm cup of tea can brighten up my morning a good deal. 



  1. I can definitely relate to your sweat shirt XD I love you're eye mask as well!

  2. that jumper is so perfect <3

  3. Ah so cute, I love love that sleeping mask, it's such a lovely colour <3

    The Quirky Queer

  4. Lovely post, no matter how old you are love for Disney will always remain there. Going to look for these backgrounds, thank you for sharing it with us