Saturday, June 27, 2015

Soufeel~ Charming charm bracelet review [sponsored]

I was recently reached out to by a beautiful charm bracelet shop called Soufeel, they specialize in custom charm bracelets for 'any memorable day'. After research into their brand, the work, detail and care into their products and the vast amount of people who absolutely love their products, I was pretty excited to get my first order.

Soufeel actually caters to multiple countries and works to operate in different languages to make ordering easier and more convenient. They even have set times where you can talk directly to customer service to help you out, if need be. I really appreciate good customer care and Soufeel really goes that extra mile.

Soufeel's ethics even extend to their goods, their bracelet's and charms. Their charms are made from 925 sterling silver, which as a consumer means their silver is on the higher end of silver content, 92.5%. Being 925 silver is actually a good thing, it's just enough of copper/ other metal mixed in to make the silver last longer and not tarnish or turn brown as fast and to actually reinforce the silver it's self [since pure silver is on the softer side] so it makes it stronger. Their other charms and pieces are made with 14 carat gold or with real  Swarovski elements. Their charms will even fit Pandora brand bracelets with the reasonable price, so you don't need to worry if you want a charm from their shop.
On to shipping, my package came in just under a week after placing my order. Everything was packed neatly, my bracelet base came in the beautiful white box, and my charms separately in their own individual packaging on the side. Soufeel even offers free shipping worldwide on purchases over $50 and a 365 day return and exchange policy.
They even included a bag, which is perfect if you plan on giving your Soufeel item or items as a gift to someone.
I do have to say, the packaging is really pretty, and are of good quality. Like even the bag you can tell is that nice, heavy duty card stock stuff.
This is the charm bracelet I put together. My base is the 19cm Silver Skin and Brown colour leather charm bracelet. I picked it because it looks nice and casual and would fit my style easily.
I picked out 5 charms to create  my charm bracelet which mean something to me, in some way.
The clasp on the bracelet is VERY secure, They have this locking clasp that you need to open and close with a bit of force. The prongs of the bracelet also are locked into place and are knobbed to keep them securely tucked into the lock. Even at the gym and in the pool, the bracelet wouldn't budge and stayed securely on my wrist all day. So, I comfortably wear my bracelet without any worry of it falling off.
My first charm I picked out is the Ocean Blue Magic Murano glass bead. Not only did I pick it because I love the ocean and water, but back when I toured Italy for singing, I visited the Murano glass factory in Venice, so it brought back memories of that time in my life. It also helped me set the tone and feel I wanted for my bracelet, which focused around travel/water.
Each charm is stamped with 925, which shows it's made using 925 Sterling Silver.
My second pick was the Cute Mullet Pendant charm, which, honestly I picked because the little octopus [squid? he has 6 arms] was too cute to pass up. The little guy is this unexpected purple colour in the sunlight and really puts a smile to my face. Unexpectedly, the pearl, though fake, reminded me of my trip to Hong Kong and to the silk and pearl factory, which I toured with my family and friends a few years back. So, if anyone asks me if I got it for a reason, I can reply with that memory... But, only you guys know I picked it for something superficial.
The third charm is from Soufeel's best seller list, the Red Travel Suitcase charm. I love to travel and I've been around the world and to almost every continent, and still love going on trips when I can, so the suitcase is a very fitting charm for me. The charm is very detailed and well made, no weird messy paint and very clean looking.
My other charm I picked out because it just reminded me of something a mermaid would have. I'm sure you all know about my mermaid obsession, so it's a very fitting charm called the Seashell charm.
Also, something cute about it is that it opens up and there's a little pearl inside it! How cute is that!
Suffice to say, I can't think of any memory to tie to it though. But, it was too cute to pass over, haha.
My last charm is the Soufeel November Birthstone Champagne Swarovski Crystal charm. It doesn't feel right not completing a charm bracelet without a birthstone piece. The topaz crystals are just coloured enough, but not too orange or overpowering which I appreciate. I'm one of those people who's not big on the whole Citrine colour for her birth month kind of thing.. But, I will say I like the shade and tone of these stones. It's very pastel and very flattering! Also, it's really sparkly, which I absolutely adore.

Right now, Soufeel is launching lots of new summer arrivals on their website!
Their bracelets and charms are perfect gifts for any holiday or occasion for anybody. They have vast array of charms, bracelets and even customizable pieces to best fit the person you might have in mind.
Soufeel was kind enough to offer a coupon code to my readers for a 5% discount off any order off their website 
The discount code is: Carisse5



  1. I like that the bracelet isn't silver coloured like Pandora, it gives it more contrast. The red suitcase charm is definitely my favourite.

    { }

  2. I like that the bracelet isn't silver coloured like Pandora, it gives it more contrast. The red suitcase charm is definitely my favourite.

    { }

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