Monday, June 8, 2015

Three Super Simple and Elegant Hairstyles

While reading my Spring Issue of Larme Magazine, I noticed a lot of hair styles incorporating this one easy tuck element to a simple pony tail to create elegant and textured hair styles that give a new twist to old staple hair styles. I've actually used this technique before last year, but it's been a pretty well used styling technique in magazines this year, but even more so for spring and summer hair styles.

The first look will be a new take on twin tails/ pig tails.
You will need 4 elastic hair ties.
Optional, 2 ribbons.
 To start this this look, part your hair down the middle and create the first pony tail where you prefer. I like my pony tails to look relaxed and more mature, so I let them sit low. For a younger and fresher appearance, you can wear the tails higher on your head.
 Once you have the pony tail where you want, part the hair above the elastic to create a hole.
You will pull the pony tail up, and through the part and tuck it though.
Simple as that.
 After pulling it though, your hair should look like above.
 Pull another elastic a few inches under your first one. Then, parting the hair in between the two elastics, again, pull the remaining pony tail up, and though that part in your hair to tuck the hair though, creating the style above.

Then, repeat to the other side.

You can finish off the look with some ribbons to conceal the bottom elastic band.

Now, you've seen the method of tucking your pony tails, we'll be doing the same thing but with two other different hair styles

The next is a half up/half down hair style.
You will need 3 hair elastics.
Optional, 1 ribbon.
 Start with a loose ponytail using a small section of hair on top of your head.
I made a small diagram of the section parts of hair you will be using. The first pony tail should be using hair from the first section.

 After you have the first pony tail, part the hair above the hair elastic, and bring the remaining hair in the pony tail up and though the parted hair to tuck it though. It should look like the picture above.

 Using hair in the 2nd section, you can avoid the hair and section directly under your first pony tail. Bring the hair together around the first pony tail.
This step is easier since the hair is already parted.
Just bring the hair in the remaining pony tail up and over the hair elastic, tucking it.
 Then, using the third section, again you can avoid the previously used sections of hair, and create a third pony tail above your last pony tail.
Again, since the hair is parted, bring the remaining pony tail up, over, the elastic tie.

And, easy as 1,2,3, the hair style is done!
You can then add a ribbon at the bottom of the last pony tail.

Then, it's done. The hair style is actually my favourite, it looks so textured and effortlessly pretty and has so much volume.

The third style is a textured pony tail.
You will only need 2 hair elastics this time.
Optional, 1 ribbon.
 To start this look, you will start with your hair parted half way, and create a pony tail with the top half o hair.
Then, using the same tucking technique like the past looks, tuck the pony tail though.
 Then, gather your hair in a pony tail. I pulled my hair into a side pony tail because I like to have my hair handing in front of my body and it looks very sweet. You can easily pull the hair into a normal pony tail, to keep your hair out of your face and to keep you feeling fresher.
After you have all  your hair in the elastic, part the hair above the hair tie like before, and pull the remaining pony tail up and through, to tuck it neatly.
You can finish by tying a ribbon at the end if you feel like it.

The look is a sweet and yet voluminous pony tail with some added texture to give the pony tail some personality.

These three styles, though are simple basics, are given some new flair with the addition of one simple technique. They're a fun new way to wear your hair when the weather starts getting warmer and can really dress up a look.



  1. As you said, simple but stylish! ♡ I really love these kinds of hairstyles as well. :) I like the clear step-by-step pictures you took.

  2. Ah! These are stunning <3 Your hair looks especially princessy with those hairstyles!

    yours is so long and pretty ughhh.
    you can do such cute looks with it too!

  4. Aww, so cute! The great things about these hair styles as well is they look good with curly or straight hair as well!

  5. These hairstyles are so cute! Thank you for making this post ^^ The tutorial is really easy to follow, I definitely have to try this for summer! <3

    Lucy Hart~

  6. These hairstyles make me miss my long hair ._.
    Looking gorgeous as usual dear <3

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