Sunday, March 25, 2012


This weekend was ultra fun!
My friend and I drove up to Malibu to pick up my friend's cousin who we call, 'Boho'. Ugh, she is like the best cousin to exist! I wish I had such lovely family members, or even a girl relative, but alas, I'm the only girl... Any ways....
We decided to 'kidnap' her or whatever... So, on Saturday morning, we woke her up at 5 am to get ready for what we explained as an impromptu road trip, which we tend to do every time she comes down. Once we were all ready to go and in the car, we told her to throw on this blind fold/sleeping mask and some headphones and I placed a sign around her neck and we whisked her away to Disneyland!
Since we parked in the parking structure, I decided to piggy back her from the lot to the elevators and then we walked to the park and oh boy, that was one interesting adventure in it's self~ So, we walked her right smack dab in the center between California Adv and Disneyland and facing the park and we took out her headphones and told her to take off the mask and SURPRISE!
The sign said, 'Shhh.. Please don't spoil the surprise!' Oh goodness was she excited!
I am confidant to say that we're pretty awesome aunties.

I decided to wear my white Minnie ears again and my Liz Lisa coat because it was quite chilly that morning.
I was also wearing a pink 3/4 bat wing slouch tee with lace backing and my tiered white lace skirt that I paired with my tan thigh high socks and J.C Litas.
Btw, my litas were so super comfy through out the day.. My socks on the other hand were very annoying.
I also saw this girl with this amazingly cute Totoro hoodie! Even the chest of her coat had a Totoro tummy and the hood had those cute Totoro eyes! I was so envious and wanted to ask for a picture with her... But alas, I was just a creeper and took pictures of her from afar... 0.0
Boho and my friend~ Weh, she SO doesn't look like she just turned 16!
Yeah, later in the day it got really sunny and hot so I stole my friend's sunglasses and it was also very breezy and my allergies got quite bad and I cried off all my eye makeup so, I collected a ton of napkins to dab the tears away.... Poor me, claritin barely works on me..
Also, the lines for all the rides at Disneyland got super long, like, a majority of them were over an hour so we all decided to just chill at the Tiki room for a few shows and gorge on Dole whip. <3
Oh, the god of the land or the father god[?] at the Tiki room has little spirits that remind me of the spirits in Princess Mononoke ~ I was so intrigued!
Oh yeah, I'm not the only one who dresses up for Disneyland! My friend was also wearing her Captain EO shirt. We always wear a Disney plush bag/backpack and a Disney hat or top every time we go!
Nom nom nom Dole whip <3
Nom nom nom popcorn... We also decided to catch the parade that day before we left!
It's really sad though, I think my leap day experience kind of ruined the magic a bit for me... I got really paranoid when the park started getting crowded. It also didn't help that I kept getting, what Boho dubbed, 'bitch glares'... But, I assume it was because of my heels and it only came from girls...
Also, one of the final straws that lead us to leaving early was that this group of teenage[?] tweenage[?] guys were heckeling us and were screaming literally in my friend's ear and just being jerks to us and I ended up snapping and mouthing them off which let them to becoming more vicious to us... UGH. I was so tempted to take a picture of them to give to security or to post on my blog to give some faces to the story... But, I'm not the vindictive...
Blah, I never thought I'd see the day when Disneyland has become a place where I don't feel safe or comfortable...
But, I still do enjoy my time there and it's still fun when it's sort of empty in the mornings <3

When we came back, Boho was playing some drawing game, I think it's called Draw with me??? with her boyfriend and he used it to ask her to prom and it was cute and she was so happy!
I managed to take a picture when it was happening! They're too cute.
After, we went to eat at Milk and Honey in Cerritos and enjoyed a CocoxBanana brick toast and some tea and snacks. The highlight was the brick toast though...

It had bananas, custard, whipped topping, oreos, chocolate ice cream, kiwis, choco pocky, choco wafer cookie, and other delicious things on and in it! NOM!

Seriously, the look on Boho's face in the back is just so befitting the picture!

This weekend was quite lovely and I'm sad that it had to end, but that's okay because that means for another adventure!
<3Carisse Iris

[sorry for the long span of emptiness. I want to try to put out a blog post every Thursday evening... I'll see how that goes. <3]

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  1. Oh I think you look super cute in your lil' outfit!
    Don't let silly girls get you down!
    Us girls are suppose to stick together! I guess they didn't get that memo!

    I think its super sweet how you 'kidnapped' your cousin!