Sunday, March 25, 2012

Strawberry Drip nails

Ooh la la, a cute and fun nail, just perfect for spring weather.
I feel like it's very easy to achieve and super fun to make~
I'm also trying a new nail tutorial layout, please tell me if you find it easier this way.
For this look I used:
Rite Stripe nail polishes in; White, Pink and Green.
ORLY 'Flirty Girl'
ORLY 'Fifty Four'
Top Coat
Oh yeah, if anyone was curious, this is how the 'Rite Stripe' brushes look, they're really thin so I can easily use them for detailing my nails.

Now, for the nail drip nail:

2 examples you can use for nail drips... I use the first because I find it easier.

I then finished it off with a coat of 'Fifty four' and a top coat after that.

For the striped nails and the base for the strawberry nail:
For the light pink, I used 'Flirty girl' which is quite sheer, so I had to use 3 coats for an opaque finish.

I paint my stripes by laying the 'Rite Stripe' flat on my nail, like above, and I just drag it across my nail to make that step easy for me.
Also, if you have those nail tapes, they would make the stripes easier and much evener.

How to make the strawberry:

I just outline the rounded portion of the strawberry, extending it quite low, those lines become the 2 outer leaves, then I make a slightly higher dome on top of the outlined strawberry top. Lastly, I make the middle leaf by connecting the outer lines with a triangle in the center.

There you go, I hope you enjoy my 'Strawberry Drip' nails!

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