Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sushi, boba and Cue. Oh my!

Oooh la la, today was a really lovely day with my friends~ We decided to have a mini adventure day and explore this little plaza my friend recommended. 
Since we were meeting up around lunch time, we decided to be frugal and go to a conveyor belt sushi place.
If you know me, I am obsessed with conveyor belt sushi places and my favorite local one is Gatten Sushi. I'm pretty sure they know my face there by now... Seriously though, yellow plates are just $2 per plate and red plates are $3... Not to mention that iced green tea is only $1 with free refills. What's not to like?
Om nom nom, I always get my usual plate of ootoro. The fatty part of the tuna is always my favorite cut, it's too bad that it's so pricey.
They also have pretty scrumptious takoyaki. I'm always sure to order it with a side of spicy mayo. Out of all the Japanese places I frequent, I'm positive that they have the best recipe for spicy mayo.
So delicious.
After filling our tummies, we piled into my car to venture towards Fullerton to grab some boba at Half and Half.
Half and Half, I'm sure has some of the best boba milk tea in So Cal. So, driving the half an hour trip is surprisingly worth it!
Whenever we go, the line is practically out the door.
Their decor is really quirky and I'm very fond of it!
I love how there's 2 signs asking you not to mess with the telephone.

Above are some of their best selling items~

Yum, my friends got their usual drinks. Choco milk tea and Rose milk tea, which are really good. I always tend to try a new drink every time. This time I tried the Peach milk tea. It was perfectly balanced and the peach flavouring wasn't overpowering.

I approve of this milk tea!

The lighting inside the boba place was really flattering, so I took a few selcas.. I also tried letting my fringe lay straight. I'm not sure if I like the look or not. It might be something I just need to get accustomed too.

After grabbing our bobas, we were happy to find out that the plaza my friend wanted to check out was just a block down from Half and Half! Oh my goodness, am I glad that we went to check it out!

In 'Yes Plaza', there were 2 Japanese brand shops! Yes, 2!!! I wish I had more cash on me at the time to splurge, I think I was so excited that I could pee, I mean, if I had to pee at that time! Haha.
There was also so much bling and deco items in almost every store in the plaza. It actually made me sad that I have a Blackberry [though I love my Blackberry]. I wish I could have taken pictures of all the amazing stuff, but a lot of the stores had a strict 'no pictures' policy. :[
One of the stores was filled with plushes, k-pop CD's, k-drama DVD's and just every cute thing you could imagine! Outside was a wall of k-pop posters that I had a little fan-gasm in front of... I just recently started getting into k-pop so it was a treat to stare at.
My friend also captured my having a moment gushing over Onew. Haha, it's embarrassing but funny, so why not share it.
Also, at one of the stores there was cute phone charms that fit our personalities well, so I decided to purchase them for each of us! I think they are so adorable!!
Oh, shhhh... I took a picture in one of the stores. But look at that milk mug! It was just too cute that I couldn't resist taking a picture of it!

Also, in the plaza was one of the Asian style claw machine arcades! There were so many cute plushes that caught my eye. I did feed one machine $3, as I was trying to win the iPhone so I could buy some cute phone cases.. Haha!

I am so obsessed with my plush bunny~

Well after exploring the plaza and drooling over cute items, brand makeup and brand clothing. We decided to head down to Cerritos for some purikura/ cue.
Oh my goodness, this is one of the older machines, but look at the 'engrish'! I think I was too entertained by it.

Our bunny charms!
Every time I see this picture, it looks like a drama poster.

I think this picture is one of my favorites....

Any ways, today was just perfect! Even right now, it started raining! So, I'm a happy girl. I would speak more in detail about today, but I need to sleep early because I must wake up at an ungodly early time in the morning!
I have some excitement happening tomorrow, so please wish me luck!



  1. ohmygosh you are super cute > w < This day looked like lots of fun :D