Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patty's Day look!

SO, I put together a complete St. Patty's day look! It's a very dolly feminine look based on creams and olives, a very muted natural palate!
For my eye, I went with a classic 1960's eye, but with gyaru influence!
I created an olive cut crease with a beige lid. I then went in with a matte dark brown to darken up the crease followed by a brow bone highlight.
I then brought the olive down to shadow underneath the bottom lashes and once again darkened up with the same matte brown focused on the outer corner.
I then went into the inner corner with my highlight.
Then I applied a classic black winged eye and put on my false top and bottom lashes!

The above example is actually very true to colour of the colours I used. The colours of my makeup got washed out by my flash, sorry!

Now onto my outfit! I really thought that bringing in a very neutral green would be best for me!
I have on a tiered ruffle sweater in a light brown or dark cork colour
A light olive laced top, very Liz Lisa inspired [even though I've had the top since early 2000, shows how fashion recycles]
I then paired it with a tiered white lace skirt from eBay
Generic beige thigh high socks
Urban Outfitters mint pumps
I also added an American Apparel olive bow to my hair
Ribbon broach from Shibuya Closet
Fresh Water pearl bracelet made by my auntie [it's actually one of those mini rosary's]

All the lace details make me sooo happy!
Later in the evening, I took off the sweater and put on my Liz Lisa plush coat, which was a great fit with the outfit!
I hope you enjoyed my St. Patrick's day look!
[Hopefully by putting this out a day early, it'll be a good inspiration!]


  1. i LOVE this coord! you pulled the whole "st patty's day" inspiration into a great look :)

  2. I really love this look :3 I like how it's soft and subtle instead of the bright kelly green most people wear when it's St. Patty's day. It's reserved and sweet instead of brash :D